Who Are We?  

The owner of the company, Joshua White, is the COR for a large Trail Life USA Troop, Troop TX-0098, in the Fort Worth, Texas area.  His son, Kyle White, has been a member of Troop 98 for the past eleven years, obviously beginning with the previous organization.  Joshua has served in various leadership roles over the past ten years, including Assistant Cubmaster, Advancement Coordinator, Outdoor Coordinator, Committee Secretary, Treasurer, and Navigator Trail Guide.  He has been in his current position as the COR and Troop Administrator for the past five years.  

Kyle started in Troop 98 as a Tiger Cub with the goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.  He earned all ranks, and a variety of belt loops and pins as a Cub Scout.  He really enjoyed earning the Arrow of Light and Webelos Super Achiever Award shortly before switching over to Trail Life USA.  

Troop 98 sent several representatives to the National Conference in Tennessee, where the formation of Trail Life USA was announced.  A few short weeks later, Troop 98 families made the unanimous decision to switch over and charter as a Trail  Life USA Troop.  Joshua and Kyle had the pleasure of being interviewed and quoted in a popular Associated Press article regarding Trail Life USA shortly after switching over, which was published in dozens of newspapers all over the United States!  If you haven't read that article, you can do so here.

Since switching to Trail Life USA, Kyle has adjusted his goal, with his eyes now set firmly on becoming a Freedom Rangeman.  He is expected to become the first in our Troop to do so!  Kyle has served in various leadership positions within Troop 98, such as First Officer, Scribe, Junior Patrol Leader, and Patrol Leader.  He bridged over to the Adventurer Patrol in May of 2017 after earning all of the Navigator Ranks, has earned his Journey Award, and earned his Horizon Award in December of 2018!

He is now working diligently through his remaining Freedom Award requirements. The Freedom experiences are no small task!

Why do we Produce Trail Life USA Coins?

We have been a producer of custom coins and pins for several years through our parent company.

Recently, due to his family's love for and involvement in Troop 98 and Trail life USA, and his passion for producing and collecting coins, Joshua worked through the process of becoming a Preferred Vendor with Trail Life USA.  This allows us to use various Trail Life logos on the products that we make and sell, including custom coins and pins.  We are starting with a set of coins focusing on The Trailman Oath, followed by a coin for each Program Level (Woodlands, Navogators, Adventurers), then we plan to add additional coins for Trailmen, leaders, and their families to collect and proudly display!

Why Should You Make a Custom Trail Life Coin or Pin?

The possibilities and reasons are endless, but here are a few!   You could:

  • Utilize a special Troop coin or pin to reward Trailmen for exhibiting specific qualities,

  • Make a personal coin to trade or give to other Trailmen you meet on the Trail (like an amazing "business card" of sorts!),

  • Commemorate a High Adventure Trip with a custom coin to place on your shelf or pin for your lanyard,

  • Create a special coin or pin for you or your Troop to use as a Fundraiser,

  • Use a coin or pin as an award or souvenir from a Troop Event, such as a Trail Life Grand Prix Event, or

  • Just about anything else you can dream up!

Why Choose Us?

First, As mentioned above, we have several years of experience with producing custom coins and pins for various people and organizations.  

Next, we are already approved to use various logos to create custom coins and pins for you individually or for your Troop!!  This saves you time and effort in dealing with getting approval.

Also, we can take your ideas, create the necessary art, work through any approvals needed with the Home Office, and create the coin for you hassle-free, all in one place!

Finally, we send 10% of the proceeds from everything we sell to the Home Office, so by purchasing coins through us, you are helping to support a Trail Life USA (and AHG) family, a local Troop, and the Trail Life USA Home Office!

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you for many years to come!